Comedy Central renews Crank Yankers revival for a second season


After more than a decade off the airwaves, Comedy Central brought back its phone prankster series Crank Yankers in September 2019. Boasting some incredibly impressive ratings, the network isn’t looking to let the momentum settle down. A new announcement from production company Kimmelot confirms that 20 more episodes of the show will be entering production soon.

Sarah Babineau, head of Comedy Central’s content and creative enterprises, said, “The successful return of ‘Crank Yankers‘ in 2019 showed that the series is a timeless classic. We can’t wait to see what America’s favorite dirty-talking pranksters have in store for next season!”

Originally running from 2002-2005, Crank Yankers was 100% a product of its time. Funny in an absurdist and outrageous kind of way, it hasn’t really aged all that well. In fact, character Special Ed was cut from the revival as his entire gimmick was based around cliches of individuals learning difficulties. It’s nice to see that some kind of progress has been made to modernize this concept.

Whether or not the show will remain popular is another question. People really love nostalgia, but that can only carry a show for so long.

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