Comic-Con: Godzilla surprises at WB panel


We’re not at Comic-Con this go around, but that doesn’t mean awesome stuff isn’t going on there. If you’re paying attention you’ll now that Warner Bros. just dropped a surprise trailer for their new Godzilla movie. Those there got a snake peak at what looks to be a much more realistic Godzilla film — because realism is super trendy right now.

It appears that this film will go back to the nuclear overtones that the original Japanese film had, and won’t be getting too serious. Still a monster film, folks. The clip was accompanied by a paraphrased quote from the Bhagavad Gita that was once uttered by Manhattan Project participant J. Robert Oppenheimer. Sounds deep.

We don’t have the clip right now, but as soon as it lands we’ll have it up for you guys. What we do have is the sexy teaser poster for the movie.

[via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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