Comic-Con: Marvel unveils Guardians, Ant-Man and more


Marvel’s panel at Comic-Con is rolling along as we speak and they’ve pretty much dropped every bomb they possibly could. To kick things off we have official confirmation that Guardians of the Galaxy will be a movie and that it will release on August 1 of 2014. You’re looking at some concept art for it right above.

Marvel also brought out Edgar Wright to officially announce the Ant-Man movie and he showed off some test footage that led folks in attendance to believe the film will have a more humorous slant than other Marvel pictures. Sadly, they did not give a release date for the film, though Wright sounds very excited about it.

Finally we have release dates and full titles for a host of Marvel superhero sequels. Under the intro title of “Phase Two Begins Now” Marvel announced Thor:The Dark World and Captain America: Winter Solider. The former will be releasing Now. 8, 2013 and the latter April 4, 2014. We’ve got some time for these all to come, but man it’s exciting to just think about them creating another epic storyline.

[via /Film and DH Twitter]

Matthew Razak
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