Comic-Con: Silent Hill: Revelations 3D shows its nurses


At Comic-Con this past weekend Silent Hill: Revelations 3D got its own panel a clip from the film was shown off to the masses. Now that clip is readily available to the masses for all to enjoy… and by enjoy I mean have nightmares over the freaky nurses iconic to the revered game series. The clip actually does a good job of capturing some of the atmosphere that Silent Hill is famous for, but that’s probably why the chose to show it to the fans.

The film, which is based off of the third game in the series, doesn’t really have any big a names behind it for us to latch our hope to, but the original cast reprising all their roles at least gives us some continuity from movie to movie. I’m just hoping this one comes out as legitimately scary as (some of) the source material.

Below you’ll also find a new image of the film’s lead Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens). She looks like a person standing in front of a fire. That’s good, I think.

Matthew Razak
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