Coming to America’s McDowell’s is coming to NJ in April


Sometimes I can’t help but let my Jersey blood show. I’m a man born and raised in the Garden State, the most hated state in the United States. But for as much as we may be hated, we have the best bagels, the best beaches, the best pizza, and the best music. Just look and see how many awesome bands and singers we’ve given the world. And for our efforts, we’re being rewarded with an honest to God McDowell’s straight from Coming to America.

In honor of the sequel releasing last week and being a fairly fun time, a pop-up restaurant of the iconic fast food joint will be opening in New Jersey for one week only in late April. For those out of the loop, McDowell’s was a running joke in the original movie for just how earnestly they tried to rip off McDonald’s yet deny it at every moment. McDonell’s has the Big Mac, McDowell’s has the Big Mick. The difference? The Big Mick has no sesame seeds. Totally different!

But now we longtime fans can finally put the argument to rest and see which of the two is actually better. Tickets are limited at this pop-up restaurant and you need to purchase them in advance, but they are still available here! The prices will vary as well, starting at $23 (not including a $5 ticket fee) that will get you a burger, fries, and a drink. You can supplement your meal with a shake or get chicken chunks if you’re not a big burger fan. Or you can get a Meatless Mick if you’re vegan. Or go crazy with a Magnum Mick that is eight burger patties with eight slices of cheese. Or if you’re truly in the mood, finish things off with a Sexual Chocolate Cake Shake. You can even bring the kids too with a kid’s menu that comes with a toy!

Look, this is pure ecstasy for me and I already bought my tickets. The second I told Matt about his he demanded that I go there. I will be follow up on this story in April when I try some McDowell’s and revive the legendary column that is Snaxist once more!

Jesse Lab
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