Comment and win a copy of The Woman on DVD or Blu-Ray!


The Woman was my favorite horror movie of last year, and it’s one that you all probably didn’t see, since it had a fairly limited theatrical run. However, Flixist is giving you the chance to remedy this horrible problem. We’ve got one copy of The Woman on DVD and one on Blu-Ray, and we’re giving them out to you, because we love you.

Here’s how you win. Simply leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite horror movie of 2011 was, and leave your preference of DVD or Blu-ray. That’s it. Way easy! Plus, you stand a good chance at winning an amazing movie. No brownie points for extra comments, though. Just one per customer. If you want to learn more about The Woman before you enter, check out the trailer here, my interview with the star, Pollyanna MacIntosh, here, and my full review of the film over in this neck of the woods. Now, sadly, as much as I love our international readers, and I really do, this contest is limited to US residents only, because shipping is expensive. If you’re in not-America, you can always get a friend to ship it to you, if you think they’re trustworthy and won’t steal your rad prize.

So get cracking! You have until February 1st to get your entry in!