Competing Bad Santa sequel scripts comissioned


Boy, didn’t you always wish Bad Santa became a trilogy where the Coen brothers, Terry Zwigoff, Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, Bernie Mac, and John Ritter are no longer involved? What’s that? No? Well then, you should probably stop reading or, if so inclined, allow me to take this opportunity to surprise you with a barely related tease.

The writers, that’s the writers of Bad Santa‘s original script have turned in an even better film with Crazy Stupid Love, directing it themselves this time. My review will be posted when the release draws near, but suffice to say I was impressed.

Back to crude Christmas tales, the LA Times reported that two competing Bad Santa sequel scripts have been commissioned. Johnny Rosenthal and John Phillips, neither of whom ring a bell in my inner Imdb, will actually write against each other, further transforming reality into reality television. The “winning” script will be filmed in 2012 (wow they’d better hurry) with the “losing” script potentially developed into a third Bad Santa. Why someone would bankroll a series where it’s known the third story didn’t fare well in competition is beyond me.

About fourteen other trilogies were announced today but I haven’t had my coffee. Maybe I can get away with rehashing old material. Hey everyone, my Bad Santa review. New and improved, except not changed at all since last December.

[Via The Playlist]