Compliance director Craig Zobel lines up new thriller


It’s nice to hear that lots of good things are happening for writer/director Craig Zobel following the release of his controversial and even divisive film Compliance. He’s got two new projects lined up in quick succession: one is an adaptation of Z for Zachariah with Tobey Maguire, and the other is an untitled thriller for Focus Features that he will write and direct.

The plot details for the thriller are being kept under wraps right now, and the film could be a little ways off since Z for Zachariah is moving forward first. In our interview with Craig Zobel, he alluded to a thriller he was writing, so I wonder if this Focus Features film is that project. Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

Are you planning your next project or all you just all about Compliance right now? Is there anything on the horizon you’re thinking about doing — any new challenges?

Theoretically I was going to be finished with my new screenplay before I got to Sundance, but I’ve had to do stuff for Compliance that has kind of slowed me up. I’m writing a new thing. I had a blast going into the aspects of Compliance that kind of felt like a thriller, and just the directing of that — where you put the camera, how to edit it, that sort of stuff. It was a blast. I had so much fun that I’m writing a sort of straightforward thriller; less of a psychological drama/thriller than this is. So I’m excited about that. And then there are other projects that I already had going that I’d really like to get off the ground. We’ll see. I’d like to make something later, in the fall this year. That’s my goal.

Look for details on the thriller and Z for Zachariah in the coming months.

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