Conan O’Brien is leaving basic cable for premium streaming


It’s been a decade since Conan O’Brien made the jump to TBS, and now he’s making the move to another provider. WarnerMedia has announced that O’Brien will be ending his current run of Conan with TBS in 2021 before making the switch to WarnerMedia affiliate HBO Max. The deal is for a weekly variety show as opposed to continuing a daily weeknight show as he’s been doing for decades.

As a refresher, O’Brien was previously with NBC where he hosted Late Night with Conan O’Brien while being groomed to take over for The Tonight Show once Jay Leno’s contract ended. When NBC gave Leno a new show to lead into The Tonight Show, ratings for both were having trouble attracting viewers. NBC’s attempt to put scotch tape on a water leak was to give Leno’s new show the time slot for The Tonight Show. This caused a rift with O’Brien, which eventually led to him jumping ship and joining TBS.

At this time, no debut date for his HBO Max show has been made available, nor the final airdate for Conan.

Source: Variety

Nick Hershey