Concept art from dead Sandman film adaptation appears


Back in March, Hubert covered a plethora of films forever stuck in development hell during his week of Tales from Development Hell coverage. One film adaptation that was covered was for Neil Gaiman’s remarkable Sandman. For those unfamiliar with Sandman, the graphic novel series follows the journey of Dream and his re-emergence as the ruler of dreams after an unexplained capture.

Mixed with Gaiman’s phenomenal writing and a bevy of rotating artists as the series went on, Sandman is one of the most heralded graphic novels alongside Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. Of course, with an extensive 75-issue run, it’s no surprise that such a large story would find problems in any film adaptation. Despite that, Gaiman and one of the Sandman artists (and famed local Chicagoan) Jill Thompson created some concept art for a few Warner Bros. heads during the early 90’s. The artwork recently emerged and are being sold through the Cadence Comic Art web store.

As much of a fan as I am of both Sandman and film adaptations, this is one I’m glad that never came to fruition (nor ever will, fingers crossed). Even a TV series would be hard to conceptualize, given the series’ reliance on the ever-changing, always interesting artwork. At least we’ll be seeing some Gaiman novel adaptations in the near future, right?

[Collider via Neil Gaiman’s Twitter