Confirmed: Chris Tucker is still alive


Who knew, huh? The comedian, most famous for yelling really loudly while Jackie Chan beat people up in the Rush Hour series, had his life confirmed when he joined the cast of David O. Russell’s upcoming The Silver Lining Playbook. The film is an adaptation of Matthew Quick’s novel of the same name and already includes Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawerence and Rober DeNiro with David O. Russell writing and directing.

Doesn’t really sound like something Tucker would turn up in, but he will be playing an wacky, escaped mental patient who is Cooper’s character’s best friend so maybe his antics fit the role perfectly. It’s not like he was bad at yelling loudly and incoherently. Quite good at it, in fact.

In other “Chris Tucker is still alive” news, it appears he is also looking to grab a role in Fox’s upcoming Neighborhood Watch. This one is a bit more up Tucker’s alley as its a comedy about a group of fathers in a neighborhood watch program who stumble on a plot to take over the world.

Whatever he ends up doing, we’re just glad to know he’s still breathing.

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