Confirmed: Roger Deakins not returning for Bond 24


While many of the same people who worked on Skyfall are returning, including director Sam Mendes, the person who might be most responsible for its stellar look and fantastic reception is not returning. Famed cinematographer Roger Deakins has decided not to come back according to Kristopher Tapley of In Contention, and while it’s not much of a surprise, it is a major let down. 

Given the fact that we thought Skyfall had the best cinematography of 2012, you can probably guess we were hoping he’d return. His work on the film gave it an incredible look that basically charged the entire movie with an air of grandeur and suspense. Deakins isn’t hinting at what he’ll be doing next, but it won’t be Bond. Maybe he’ll join up with the Coen brothers again.

[via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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