Console Wars is getting a documentary film for CBS All Access


During the ’90s, the video game market was dominated by two major companies: Nintendo and Sega. Sparking something of a rivalry between loyal fans, many people look back on that era and have referred to it as the “console wars.” That was the premise for author Blake J. Harris’ 2014 novel, Console Wars, which is now receiving a documentary film for CBS All Access.

Revealed a few days ago with a short trailer, this new film will be hitting CBS’ streaming service on September 23, 2020. It will chronicle the struggle between Nintendo and Sega with interviews from many industry personnel. Executive produced by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (whom both contributed to the novel), this will be the first original film for CBS’ fledgling streaming platform.

Console Wars was originally meant to debut at South by Southwest this year, but the coronavirus had other plans. Instead of shelving the project until further notice, CBS stepped in to nab exclusive rights. I don’t know if this film is worth a subscription to All Access, but it does look better than the similarly themed Netflix documentary High Score. At least this is more than a surface level retelling of the industry that should provide some extra insight into a tumultuous period.

Source: ET Online

Peter Glagowski
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