Contest: Crown your movie collection with a Blu-ray copy of The Lion King


Today’s contest features a Blu-ray copy of The Lion King — come win it!

The original Lion King is definitely one of those big, epic animated films that really dominated the early part of my childhood. I of course loved Disney movies back then, but man the detail in the animation, the songs, the plot — it all came together perfectly to make this really amazing movie that I can still watch to this day.

Disney’s been trying to recreate the magic lately with semi live action remakes of old hand-animated movies. Beauty and the BeastAladdin, and Dumbo all had their shot — now it’s Simba’s turn!

The Lion King Official Trailer

I’m not going to waste a ton of time pasting in press info or talking about the movie too much. Unless you just woke up from a very long coma and are now a caveman lawyer, you probably know all about The Lion King. Simba is, like, The Lion Prince and his The Lion Uncle is super jelly about that, so he The Lion Murders The Lion King and vanishes The Lion Prince to The Lion Wilderness. From there, The Lion Prince meets some pals and embarks on The Lion Journey to claim The Lion Throne as The Lion King.

It’s pretty good! And now that it’s all new and stuff, you don’t have to feel like your grandpa watching stuff from the ’90s that didn’t even have big, fancy computer animation. Suck it, ’90s!

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We have one copy of the movie to give away between Dtoid and Flixist. You must have a United States shipping address in order to win. Winner will be drawn Wednesday, November 6.

The Lion King is available digitally and in-stores wherever movies are sold.

Contest: Crown your movie collection with a Blu-ray copy of The Lion King