Contest: Make a funny, win the top 3 scary movies on DVD


It’s contest time! This time, Flixist is bringing you the opportunity to win the top three/was mentioned once or twice in an email thread horror/scary/monster/mildly scary/someone called it scary movies of the past year/we think it might have come out like a year ago or something. Simple enough, right? No?

OK, here’s the real deal: one lucky sod can win Insidious, Attack the Block, and Troll Hunter on DVD, shipped right to your home in The United States of America only. If you want to win these lovely films, you’re going to need a scary image. Take that scary image and make us laugh with it. Feeling brave? Take a funny image, make it scary, and then make us laugh with it. Make a caption, make a brand new picture, go nuts with photoshop, whatever. Scary image + funny = win.

All entries need to be submitted before November 1, 2011. Show us the photo in the comments in whatever way is easiest for you, but be sure to specify that you have a US address. Don’t post anything that would get the average person fired at work / arrested in 20 states. Using pictures of Flixist personalities is highly encouraged just because lol, but will not directly affect your chances of winning.