Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video’s Bloody Birthday


You’ll have a happy birthday with this contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video’s Bloody Birthday.

It’s new release Tuesday, which means we’re continuing our streak of giving away great Blu-rays from our friends at MVD Entertainment. Today’s release is another great cult horror film from video powerhouse Arrow Video.

It’ll be a happy one, but also a bloody one. Come win Bloody Birthday.

BLOODY BIRTHDAY - (1981) HD Trailer

These are always ridiculous, and I love them for it. Just read this description:

The Bad Seed meets Halloween in this deliciously twisted early 80s slasher offering directed by Ed Hunt (The Brain) and starring the always loveable Lori Lethin (Return to Horror HighThe Prey). Debbie, Curtis, and Steven may seem cute as buttons. But their angelic facade conceals the wicked, murderous streak given to them having all been born under the same solar eclipse. With the grown-ups around them blissfully unaware of their little darlings’ homicidal tendencies, the evil brats begin to bump off the adults one-by-one. By gun. By arrow. By cake. Bye-bye! Mixing the killer-kid subgenre with elements of the then-booming slice-and-dice movie, 1981’s Bloody Birthday shocks and appalls with its scenes of young children shooting, strangling, and bludgeoning their way through the local population. They sure don’t (and can’t!) make ’em like this anymore.

Killer kids? I mean, hell, IT showed poor Georgie die like 13 times and I thought that was bad enough. When the kids are the ones doing all the killing? Sign me up.

To win your copy, use the widget below to drop your name and email address. You can repeat daily during the length of the contest to rack up additional entries. You can follow Flixist on Twitter and share our post with your friends to pick up even more entries. And then, you can terrorize all the adults in your neighborhood. Presumably by just being a regular kid — those are annoying enough.

We have one Blu-ray to give away. Winner will be drawn on Monday, December 24. You must have a United States mailing address to win.

Bloody Birthday is available now from MVD Entertainment. Head over to Destructoid for more chances to win.

Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video’s Bloody Birthday