Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Deadbeat at Dawn or Blood and Black Lace


For the rest of the month of October, we’ve partnered with Arrow Video for exclusive contests on some of their weirdest, scariest, goriest, and schlockiest films. Get ready to bathe in the warm karo syrup of their new release Blu-ray films.

This week’s feature: A double dose of intrigue, murder, and revenge with Blood and Black Lace and Arrow’s Deadbeat at Dawn!

First up is Deadbeat at Dawn from Arrow Video. This classic 80s revenge thriller is as brutal as it is violent. When the semi-hilariously-named Goose tries to break free from the thug life, the thug life comes back for blood. Now with a dead girlfriend, a thirst for revenge, and some conveniently-placed nunchucks, Goose is on the loose. Heads are shot, arms are broken, and ninja stars are thrown in this gloriously 80s DIY film.

Next, 60s stylish classic Blood and Black Lace from VCI Entertainment. A killer is on the loose in a fashion house turned bordello, and they’re focusing on the exotic working ladies of the building. A drug-dealing boyfriend of one of the victims is accused, but could the answer truly be that simple? This film is an Italian classic and well ahead of its time in cinematography and brutality — definitely one to have in your collection!

For your chance to win, use the widget below to tell us which movie you’d like to win, and spread a little love for the Flixist crew. Just not for Kyle. That guy sucks.

We have one copy of each movie to give out. Winners will be drawn Monday, October 29. These are physical prizes, and as such, you must have a United States shipping address in order to win.

Deadbeat at Dawn and Blood and Black Lace are both available now at reputable and disreputable retailers. Head over to Destructoid for more chances to win!

Win a Blu-ray copy of Deadbeat at Dawn or Blood and Black Lace