Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of The Unnameable


If you think I’m going to stop running contests, then you must not know my name. Win a Blu-ray copy of The Unnamable.

Our friends over at MVD Entertainment Group started sending us movies. But then, they didn’t stop. The terror! I have been cursed to send you guys free movies every Tuesday until the end of eternity. This Atlas shall not shrug.

This week, we’ve got H.P. Lovecraft’s The Unnamable up for grabs!

THE UNNAMABLE | Official HD Trailer (2018) | HORROR | Film Threat Trailers

A group of college students decides to use an abandoned mansion for their sexual exploits, as college students are wont to do.Unfortunately for them, an ancient evil inhabits the halls of the derelict house. This creature has a penchant for the ritualistic dismembered of her victims, which of course results in a bloody body count. It’s up to our two heroes to fight the evils lurking below the house and in the very depths of Hell in this classic Lovecraftian romp.

Plus, it’s a fun horror movie involving ancient evils and gross-out deaths. What’s not to love here?

To enter to win your copy, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. If you’re feeling saucy you can get more entries to following us on Twitter and telling your friends about all the weird movies we give out. I know they’re weird. You know they’re weird. I like weird.

We have one Blu-ray copy available. Our winner will be drawn on Monday, November 12. Since this is a physical prize, we can only ship to United States addresses.

The Unnamable is available now from MVD Entertainment and wherever gory horror movies are sold. Head over to Dtoid for more chances to win!

Win a Blu-ray copy of HP Lovecraft’s The Unnameable