Contest: Win Tremors on Blu-ray, courtesy of Arrow Video


In today’s contest you can win a Blu-ray copy of Tremors from Arrow Video!

Usually I introduce this kind of stuff and try to take it seriously. You can probably find LOTS of evidence to the contrary, but shut up I don’t care. I’m a Professional Internet Writer, damn it, DAD! I mean, readers!

Ahem. So today we’re giving away Arrow Video’s release of Tremors on Blu-ray, and instead of wasting your time telling you what the movie’s about (it’s a comedy/horror film where giant underground worms terrorize a small Nevada town) I’m going to waste your time telling you about why I chose this movie.

Tremors Original Trailer (Ron Underwood, 1990)

Again, you can find more about the movie elsewhere. Chances are if you’re here, you already know about it. So I’m instead going to spin a yarn about how I’ve seen this (and its sequel) roughly 100 times.

Back in the summer of sixth grade, I had a TV in my room because I was mature and cool. At some point during the dog days of summer, I lost the remote to my TV while it was stuck on the USA Network. I guess they had just acquired the rights to air Tremors 1 and 2, so they did just that. All the time. Like, all fucking summer. In between airings of Monday Night Raw and reruns of Wings, they were spamming these movies hardcore. I couldn’t change the channel!

Much like A Christmas Story I’ve never actually seen this movie in one sitting, front to back. But I’ve seen various bits of it enough times to be able to stitch it all together in my mind.

Wasn’t that pointless?! Enter to win your copy by using the widget below. Click around and blah blah blah. Also hit up Destructoid to double your odds.

We have one copy of the film to give away; we’ll draw winners next week. Since this is a physical prize, you must have a United States shipping address in order to win.

Check out Tremors and other great Blu-ray releases over at MVD Entertainment.

Flixist Contest: Win Tremors on Blu-ray, courtesy of Arrow Video

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