Cool fan art imagines Indiana Jones as an animated series


And to continue this awesome day, here are some pretty sweet images of Patrick Schoenmaker‘s take on Indiana Jones as an animated series. Just look at Indy! He’s got so much damn spunk (that’s sadly faded away over the years). In the end though, this art just makes me sad. Don’t you realize how much sense this makes? I would be willing to once again get up at the butt crack of dawn just to watch this cartoon…and it would make so much money. I mean if Jackie Chan could get his own awesome cartoon (Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!) then why can’t Indy? 

It would be a safer way to continue the franchise too. Cartoons are allowed to have all sorts of stupid things happen in them. You can check out the rest of Schoenmaker’s awesomeness in the gallery. 

[Patrick Schoenmaker, via Geektyrant]