Coronavirus officially in cahoots with the devil as Saint Maud is pulled from release


It probably goes without saying, but A24’s elevated horror of the year, Saint Maud has officially been pulled from release with no new date yet announced. With theaters across the globe shutdown, there wouldn’t have been many venues left to bless us with this bit of spiritual horror on its April 10 release date, anyway.

This will likely be a damaging loss for A24, since the studio had centered so much of its marketing around an Easter-themed release for the film. Perhaps a new release will have to wait until Christmas. Maybe it’ll lose an entire year before rising once more. It’s impossible to say as we live in such unprecedented times.

No matter what, though, I still hope that when Saint Maud returns and AMC Theaters opens its doors once more, they continue forward with their pre-planned satanic horror marathon that was due to lead up to Saint Maud‘s release. I was very keen to see The Exorcist in theaters.

A24’s New Horror Film ‘Saint Maud’ Has Been Pulled from April Release [Bloody Disgusting]


Kyle Yadlosky
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