Costume tests from Superman Lives surface, crisis averted


Do you guys remember when Tim Burton was prepping a Kevin Smith-penned Superman project staring Nicholas Cage as Superman? Do you also remember a couple of years ago when supposed costume test pictures were leaked? Well, now we’ve got a little more from a crappy Superman movie that never was, perhaps something that will help teach future generations.

The header image you see, along with those in the gallery below, are from Steve Johnson’s Facebook page. Johnson was one of the FX people working on Superman Lives way back when, and for Halloween, he decided to share some of what they were working on back then. In the script, Superman’s suit in the later part of the movie was actually a living, shape-shifting Kryptonian computer/A.I. called The Eradicator. The results are not terribly pretty. Granted these are all early tests, but damn we dodged a bullet there.

[Via SlashFilm, Via Steve Johnson’s Facebook]