Could Colin Farrell star in the Total Recall remake?


It seems possible that the star of 2010’s Ondine could be filling a role previously held by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Director Len Wiseman has extended an invitation for Colin Farrell to star in his upcoming remake of Total Recall. And while SlashFilm points out that offering a role usually isn’t very newsworthy itself, this one carries a bit more weight because Farrell has actually begun negotiations. So, nothing is certain, like usual in Hollywood, but this uncertain news is slightly more certain!

The Wiseman-directed remake will be written by Kurt Wimmer, who is trying to “contemporize” the original story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick. Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall was based on the story, but took a lot of liberties, changing quite a few things. So if this new script will be a “contemporized” version of the original story, there’s no telling how much resemblance it will bear to the original film.

I wonder if a shiny, modern remake in the vein of Star Trek and Tron is really what this film needs. The whole “trashy 80s future” aesthetic is what gave it so much personality the first time around.

[via SlashFilm]