Could the Wachowskis return to direct the new Matrix film?


Hollywood is a fickle, temperamental child of a world, changing its collective mind faster than an adolescent grabs, drops, and cries about ice cream. So with that odd anecdote in mind, there are fresh rumblings in the world of the next Matrix film that could be potentially-huge for the franchise.

It was during the press tour for John Wick: Chapter 3 that director (and former Matrix stunt director) Chad Stahelksi hinted at Lana and Lilly’s return to their flagship series, though the comments were corrected as being misinterpreted, and that rumor was seemingly quashed.

There’s allegedly been work at Warner Bros. to reinvigorate the series for awhile now, with Michael B Jordan eyed for a leading role. Reboot or continuation, the details were and still are murky, but signs were pointing to a return, with nothing confirmed.

Now sites Geeks WorldWide and Discussing Film are reporting on a new rumor that the Wachowskis will be returning to the directing seats for the new film; at least, Lana Wachowski, according to Geeks WorldWide. Working under the codename of “Project Ice Cream,” the film would begin shooting in Chicago in early 2020. 

Now, I’ll emphasize that this is in no way, shape, or form confirmed; both sites credit sources of their own. Yet I can’t help but feel there could be some truth in there. With the new Matrix rumors swirling for so long and the original film reaching its 20th birthday this year, perhaps we could see an official announcement soon. Though my mind raced to the upcoming San Diego Comic Con as a podium for such a reveal, Warner Bros. would seem to be skipping the pop cultural Mecca for the most part this July.

Keep expectations in check but ears tuned for more news on a new Matrix


The Wachowski’s Set To Return To Direct Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Matrix’ Film – Eyeing Early 2020 Production Start In Chicago (EXCLUSIVE) [Discussing Film]