Cowboy Ninja Viking optioned for film adaptation


Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are set to take on Image Comics’ Cowboy Ninja Viking, a graphic novel with a ridiculous name and an interesting premise.

Like many film, novel, and comic narratives before it, CNV is about a covert government agency that creates a superhuman force to battle external threats. But said agency doesn’t pick the smartest (Ender’s Game) or the most desperate recruits (the Nikita mythos) to break and remould into deadly soldiers. Instead, it sets their sights on Multiple Personality Disorder patients, the perfect candidates for creating mash-up warriors like author AJ Leiberman’s title character.

Disney purchased the rights to the graphic novel, illustrated by Riley Rossmo, joining other studios in the brave fight to make as many comic book adaptations as possible. I think they’re winning.

[via Deadline; via Cowboy Ninja Viking]