Crawl trailer gives us alligator Jaws, and I can’t wait


Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Jaws should have always been about an alligator. This is just a fact. Alligators are gigantic meat-eating monsters that can also walk on land, which makes them about three billion times more dangerous than a dumb shark that you can just step out of the water and escape (unless the shark is in a tornado, obviously). Crawl looks like the movie Jaws should have always been, and I will die on this hill–

Unless it gets rated PG-13.

Produced by Sam Rami and directed by Alexandre Aja (of High Tension and the very good The Hills Have Eyes remake), I have little doubt this will be anything other than R, which it needs. We don’t want another The Meg on our hands. This crazy killer gator movie has flung straight to the top of my must-see list for the summer. I want to see it just chomp and gnash and fill those steadily rising waters with enough deep red blood to drive the corn syrup industry out of business. The trailer looks claustrophobic and desperate and everything I want from a movie like this.

Crawl will tear the flesh off theaters on July 12, 2019 and follows Haley as a hurricane hits Florida while she searches for her father. The area quickly floods, and then she has to face a giant alligator hunting for human meat and oh my god, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.



Kyle Yadlosky
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