Creator of House of Cards will develop and write a Risk TV Show


Time to once again learn that you don’t start a land war in Asia. The classic board game Risk is about to be adapted into a television series by the creator of House of Cards, Beau Willimon. Just what a Risk TV show will be about isn’t too clear but it could involve risks of some sort (that’s a free dad joke for you).

Willimon is producing the series and writing and overseeing it for Entertainment One, the production arm of Hasbro, who owns the game Risk. His production partner, Jordan Tappis, is joining in making the show, which will join a host of Hasbro toy properties that have been turned into movies, some to great success. There are, of course, the Transformers movies, which went from enjoyable to terrible quite rapidly but Hasbro has released some surprisingly quality films based on their toys. The gold standard is still Clue but Bumblebee is also fantastic so that gives some hope for Risk.

The other thing that gives some hope is that Risk is an adult board game about war, which means the show will hopefully be much the same. A wartime drama with twists and turns being done by the guy who did House of Cards? If it wasn’t a show based on a board game you’d binge that in a second, right? It just sounds awesome.

There’s no word on writers or where the show will land but everyone is really excited about it. “We couldn’t think of more perfect partners than Beau and Jordan — whose award-winning storytelling and imagination are among the best in the business,” said Michael Lombardo, president of global television at eOne. “In Beau, we’ve found an amazing combination of brilliant producer, singular creator, and avid fan of Risk. We can’t wait to work with him and the rest of the Westward team to reimagine that brand and so much more.”

I can just see Willimon now, hunched over a game of Risk, trying to get the pieces to “speak” to him. We’ll see how the Risk TV show turns out.

Source: The Wrap

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