Crime is happening in new Robocop set photos


I normally don’t like talking about set photos since things normally look a lot better in post production, but for these Robocop reboot images I’ll make an exception (it’s probably because that Max guy isn’t a thing anymore RIP). As for the photos themselves, they’re mostly boring. We get various stages of Joel Kinnaman getting his helmet put on (because he probably can’t movehis own arms and neck or something), we get sexy walking, and finally, Robocop and his Robocycle pointing his RoboDredd gun at someone. 

Max liked the new look from the first set photo leak, but I think these images help Robocop look more like Robocop should. The suit is sort of bulky, the human hand makes sense now, and that cooool red streak will probably stand out in post. What do you all think of the recent Robomania

[via Daily Mail]