Cruel Intentions is coming back to theaters for its 20th anniversary


Is there anything more 90s than Cruel Intentions? The cast. The genre. The filming. The fashion. It was a move of its time in almost every way, and yet it has somehow remained timeless. It’s not a particularly good movie but it’s really good and being perfectly bad. Plus, the kiss. For anyone who was a teenager when the movie came out that kiss will last forever embedded in their adolescent mind. 

Now, for one week only, current-day teenagers will be able to see the film on the big screen and wonder, “Why? Why is this a classic?” In response, us old people will shake our canes and tell them to get off our lawns. These damn kids just don’t understand how dramatic teen drama was in the 90s. None of this superhero, CW, magic crap. No, we dove headlong into semi-incestuous stories involving tricking girls into losing their virginity.

If you’re interested in playing out this battle of youth versus not-quite-as-youthful then make sure you grab tickets now for the week of March 22, when the movie will play on the big screen. The wonders of digital cinema making it easy to re-release films have truly hit their apex. You can find a list of theaters playing the movie here

Matthew Razak
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