Curtis and Daldry are getting Trash ready for theaters


Richard Curtis, writer of the awesome Love Actually, and Stephen Daldry, director of the depressing The Hours, are teaming up to adapt the Andy Mulligan young adult novel Trash, with Curtis writing and Daldry directing, and I gotta say, it sounds like it could be interesting. Trash takes place in an unnamed Third World country, where three young boys make a living picking bits to salvage out of the trash. One day, they find something very different from their usual haul, and it sets events in motion that have them evading the police, while discovering the mystery of their find.

All in all, it sounds like there’s potential for a pretty good movie here. The book offers some solid ground for a decent thriller, as well as some social commentary on poverty and the state of the non-Western world. Kind of like someone took Tsotsi and made it onto something a little more kid friendly and a little less “pick the ants off the screaming baby.” It doesn’t help that Richard Curtis and Stephen Daldry are two very talented people, though other than the stuff here about poverty, it’s pretty far out of both of their wheelhouses.

[Via /Film]