CW adding to Batman bonanza with new Batwoman show


One of my most vivid memories as a 6-year-old was watching an episode of the oft-overlooked The New Batman Adventures. Titlled “Over the Edge,” a supremely scary looking Scarecrow smacks Batgirl off a skyscraper, causing her to fall to her death by landing on the police car her dad Detective Gordon is driving. It turned out to be a classic Scarecrow fear gas hallucination, but 6-year-old me did not realize that and I’ve been very concerned for Batgirl ever since.

Batgirl is all grown up (and a completely different person) now, though, as a Batwoman series is on the way to the CW in 2019. Based in the Arrowverserse, home of Arrow (duh) and The Flash, Batwoman will follow streetsmart Kate Kane beating up criminals in a decaying Gotham. Standard fair yes, but there’s added intrigue for Batwoman as certain aspects like Kane’s lesbianism lesbian are being carried over from the comics. In fact, Batwoman will be the first superhero show with a lesbian in the main role ever.

I always find it funny that one of DC’s most consistent live action content calls teen drama network The CW home, but it’s consistently good and has a cultivated its own unique fanbase. Creator Greg Berlanti, also creator of Arrow and The Flash, has shown capable of building a world with its own unique identity. Batwoman should be fun, especially if they bring out some of Batman’s stranger villains, like Catman. Yes, there is a Catman!

A Batwoman TV Show Is in Development at the CW, Starring Lesbian Superhero Kate Kane [i09]