CW releases new origin trailer for Black Lightning


The CW’s Arrowverse shows have varied in quality throughout the seasons, but they’ve always had a certain charm even when it’s not their best run. They definitely seem to understand the DC universe better than the movies do. Maybe they get a bit more leeway because they’re not playing with the big characters (aside from Flash), and that’s certainly as true of Black Lightning, which is debuting in January.

I’m just excited for another hero in the universe even if he isn’t in the universe as of yet. CW will, of course eventually bring him into one of their big crossovers, but for now the show will live on its own. That’s a good thing. While Flash benefited from Arrow jumping in, I think having a character unfold on his own will be good for the new show. Plus, I can’t wait for CW to pull off the returning elder hero plot far better than the movies have been able to with Batman.

Otherwise things look pretty CW-ish, with the lighting and fights and style. 

Matthew Razak
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