CW’s Legends of Tomorrow adds Stargirl for season 2


Despite a shaky first season, CW’s Legends of Tomorrow managed to be a fun adventure show most of the time, with solid performances and interesting (if not always good) charaterization anchoring an arc that was more often than not absurd, even by the standards of an Arrow spinoff. Since that first season wrapped, we’ve heard news of tons of new cast additions for the time-travel show’s sophomore year – most of them classic members of the Justice Society of America and other lesser-known DC heroes.

IGN reports the newest addition is Sarah Grey, who joins the cast as Courtney Whitmore, also known as Stargirl. The character was created by Geoff Johns and and Lee Moder, and first appeared in the pages of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., though she’s best known as a junior member of the Justice Society in Johns’ well-regarded run on JSA. Grey will also play Amanda in next year’s Power Rangers reboot, and has also appeared on episodes of iZombie and Lucifer

Grey is just the latest major addition to the cast for Legends’ second season. Matthew McCaul of Tomorrowland (and also iZombie) will join as Commander Steel, the son of a World War II-era superhero whose skin is like steel. Todd Rice joins as Obsidian, a man with shadow powers. The Originals’ Maisie Richardson-Sellers will play Vixen, though not the same version of the character who appeared in the most recent season of Arrow and her own series of animated shorts. Reprising his role as Rex Tyler, a.k.a. Hourman, is Patrick J. Adams of Suits, who first appeared in the first season finale.

The new cast additions represent an renewed focus on the expanded DC universe, bringing in the JSA and giving the Legends a bona fide Legion of Doom – helmed by none other than Arrow‘s John Barrowman and The Flash‘s Wentworth Miller, among others. That’s a huge expansion of a shared universe that was just Stephen Amell running around with a bow only a few years ago.

Of course, with the addition of Supergirl to CW’s superhero roster this fall, it remains to be seen whether that rapid expansion will yield dividends or bring the whole house of cards tumbling down around itself.