D.J. Caruso in talks to adapt Preacher


Since his Y: The Last Man adaptation fell through, D.J. Caruso is continuing to search for ways to ruin my day. With his latest, I Am Number Four, set to release this weekend, Caruso is looking towards his next project. He is currently “in talks,” (how I hate that phrase) to adapt Preacher to the big screen. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m pulling for this to fail. Not only is D.J. Caruso a director of middling talent, Preacher is one of those massive properties that A) won’t lend well to condensing into a two-hour movie, and B)has the descendent of Jesus Christ as a gibbering inbred moron. The script, written by John August of Corpse Bride, Big Fish, and the Charlie’s Angels movies, is said to be “a really faithful adaptation but made…probably more accessible to a broader audience.”

Let me reiterate. Preacher is about a disgraced Texas preacher imbued with the power of the Word of God, an Irish vampire, and a hitwoman going out to find an absent God to make him answer for all human suffering. I’m not sure how you make that “more accessible.”

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[Via /Film]

You may remember that Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson was attached to helm Preacher a few years back as a television series on HBO. That would have basically been the best place for Preacher. With the long form of a full TV series and the freedom to work within HBO, even with a guy like Mark Steven Johnson at the till, there was at least the potential for something cool. Even a trilogy of films isn’t really enough for the sheer density of batshit insane storytelling going on in Preacher. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, I have no idea how it’s supposed to become accessible without pulling the heart out of it.

Pray with me, folks. Pray that I Am Number Four tanks this weekend so Caruso’ll be unable to get the cred together to start this.