Daddy’s Home 2 gets trailer, Mel Gibson, and hopefully not a single hot tub


A Flixist team member who shall remain anonymous perhaps said it best: “How did [Daddy’s Home] get a sequel?” It’s a question we imagine many of you have said on more than one occasion. Don’t deny it. It’s OK. We’ve all been there. And then, one day, you’re bored. Maybe  you’ve tossed one or two back. You’re overworked. Stressed. You start thinking crazy things. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll go and see that sequel: sure, it looks like shit, but you deserve a break–and hey, the first one wasn’t that bad. So you like to your spouse, or girl/boy-friend. Say you’re headed out the library to do a little research on the ol’ novel. But you hightail it to the dirt mall for that discounted ticket. Sure, the picture’s not as strong, the popcorn flavor’s a little off–is that oregano?–and the Coca Cola leaves you with a splitting headache the next day, but it’s worth it. You’re looking out for your family by saving two bucks. You’re justified. And you settle down in your seat. Real low so that no one sees you. Not that it matters; plenty of people go to the movies alone. Look–look at that weird guy (is he reaching in his waistband for a gun–his dick–no, no. This isn’t Colorado. You’re totally safe)–he’s just a person. Not a weird person. A person like you just wanting to get away from it all for a goddamn minute and —

And multiply that by several million other assholes who can’t stick to our high and mighty convictions about what’s good, bad, and deserves a sequel and yes, yes this has a sequel. Check out the trailer and let us know if all hope is lost … or not.  [Take the scale as big or small as you like.]

Daddy's Home 2 (2017) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Mel Gibson making dead hooker jokes? What could possibly go wrong?