Daddy’s Home returns with another trailer


A little while ago a video of Will Ferrell pegging a Laker’s cheerleader in the head with a basketball went around the web. It was from a scene from Daddy’s Home and now you can watch the trailer with that scene and decide whether this the Mark Whalberg/Will Ferrell reunion we all wanted after The Other Guys

I would argue no. This definitely isn’t the increasingly legendary Adam McKay, who wrote and directed The Other Guys. Instead we’ve got the screenwriters behind Sex DriveShe’s Out of My League, and Horrible Bosses 2. Only one of those was even passable. Still, Wahlberg and Ferrell can make things work and judging from the trailer there could be some decent laughs. Then again, Ferrell skateboards into some electrical wire… yea, that happens.

Matthew Razak
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