Danger Girl movie picks up a screenwriter


The Danger Girl film now has a screenwriter, and it probably isn’t going to blow anyone away. Rising action screenwriter Umair Aleem will take on the task of turning the 90s comic book into what is hoped to be a new female-led action franchise. 

If you haven’t heard of him that’s probably because he hasn’t really made anything yet. He’s got two writing credits, the first being a little-watched movie called Extraction, and the second an in-production film for Netflix called Kate. There’s buzz around him in Hollywood though as a new action wunderkind so it could be something good.

The problem is that a Danger Girl screenplay is going to have to be something a bit better than good. The comic came out in a much different time, and while it played with the sexualized tropes of James Bond and other adventure films, it was also very much a J. Scott Campbell comic; full of scantily clad women simply for the sake of scantily clad women. As a teenager at the time I loved it, but looking back it’ll take a delicate balance to adapt it to the modern day screen, and it’s hard to know if Aleem is up for that task.

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Matthew Razak
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