Daniel Craig reportedly agrees to play Bond again


After Spectre came out Daniel Craig was not too kind to the chances of him ever playing Bond again. The role is an incredible amount of pressure and the shooting is often stressful so he had some choice words about returning. However, that stance softened a bit a few months later and sine then we’ve all been debating whether he’d return or not. It appears that producer Barbara Broccoli has convinced him to do so. 

Take this with a grain of salt since it isn’t official confirmation, and then a few more grains because it’s from The Mirror, but the report is that he was somehow convinced to return. If I had to wager money on how he was convinced I’m betting it was with a lot of money, and then some more money on top of it. Of course nothing is signed yet, but an insider says it’s a total lock.

He evidently won’t be the only one returning if Broccoli has her way. The Bond producer wants Adele back to sing the title song. This makes a ton of sense considering the hit that “Skyfall” was and the total pile of crap they got out of Sam Smith. It’s not unprecedented for a singer to record multiple Bond songs as Shirley Basey recorded three, but doing two so close together hasn’t been done before. I loved “Skyfall” so I’m all for her coming back. 

As for Craig’s return? Hell and yes. The guy has been knocking out of the park even in his bad outings so another turn isn’t a bad thing at all. At 48 he still looks in the age range for the role, and considering the shape he’s in I don’t think we’re going to get any awkwardly old Roger Moore feelings. Plus, the end of Spectre kind of necessitated his return to the character. Now that this is confirmed I’m really hoping for a sort of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service remake in terms of a key death that will finish off Craig’s Bond’s development into the true James Bond he’s been heading towards since the franchise rebooted with him.

Matthew Razak
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