Daniel Craig’s Bond on the run in new Skyfall set images


A few days ago the first official image from the twenty-third James Bond movie, Skyfall, was released. Following closely behind are these unofficial images of Daniel Craig in action mode as Ian Fleming’s dapper spy. Well, I say dapper, but a matching tie and suit? A grey and pinstriped matching tie and suit? Oh, James. Let’s hope it’s a government-mandated uniform he’s wearing – the earpiece suggest so – or else Mr. Bond may be facing his greater danger yet: SARTORIAL CRISIS (and this time it’s personal).

Also unusual is that Bond appears to be in pursuit of a cab. Not unusual for the rest of us, perhaps, but this is 007 we’re talking about. Where’s the Aston when you need it? Why is he so desperate to catch that cab? Is he going to be late for a matinée performance of the musical Cats? Is Javier Bardem meeting him there? You know, I think we’ve got this sussed. FLIX-CLUSIVE! Make up your own damn mind by following the jump.

[all images via Coming Soon]