Daniel Craig talks Skyfall, rewrote Quantum


The twenty-third Bond movie, Skyfall, recently started shooting around London, so it comes as no surprise that star Daniel Craig has been answering questions about it during publicity junkets for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In an interview with Time Out, he elaborated on the problems that beset Quantum Of Solace, notably that the writers’ strike meant the film began shooting with only ‘the bare bones of a script’, resulting in he and director Marc Forster having to do rewrites themselves.

To be honest, Quantum‘s problems (for me) were more in the shaky camerawork and editing than the plot, which was more subversive than it is often given credit for. Hopefully Sam Mendes will work better with his second unit than Marc Foster did. Craig’s emphasis that the director is a lifelong Bond fan is encouraging, even if it’s the same sort of stuff that gets said to build anticipation ahead of a new entry in any movie series, and it’s surely impossible not to be excited by that cast and any mention of From Russia With Love.

[via Time Out]