Daniel Craig to be in at least two more Bond films


I’m not sure this will surprise anyone, but Daniel Craig’s contract obligates him to at least five films for the Bond franchise. If my calculations are correct, that would leave two more after next month’s Skyfall. How is this news? Well, think of it more as a comforting reminder that Craig’s angry mug will be sitting on top of those tuxedo-ed shoulders for a few more years yet. Of course, actors have left the role before their contracts had been fulfilled, including Sean Connery himself, so it’s not impossible to think that Craig may walk away before he completes his obligation… but that would seriously suck.

I know everyone has heard it before, but I think Craig is if not the best Bond, then at least the most awesome Bond. He’s suave, but ruthless, and that’s an edge I think the character benefits from. Let’s hope Skyfall can correct some of the missteps taken by Quantum of Solace and bring back the Bond I fell in love with from Casino Royale. 

[via MI6-HQ]