Daniel Craig to be offered five more Bond movies


Bond producer Michael G. Wilson has suggested in an interview with The People newspaper that he intends to offer star Daniel Craig a five-film contract once the series’ twenty-third entry, Skyfall, has finished shooting. If Craig accepts and goes on to complete his quota, it would push him to the top spot for the number of appearances playing Bond by a single actor. Roger Moore currently holds the record with seven, with Sean Connery one beneath him on six, or tied if you count the unofficial Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again (which nobody does, because it’s terrible).

The problem with offering a contract of this length is how old Craig would be by the end. Best case scenario, if one film is pumped out every two years like clockwork, the earliest opportunity he would have to bow out would be aged 53. In comparison, Pierce Brosnan retired his PPK at 51, while Connery and Moore were both subject to much ridicule for looking geriatric during their final performances at 53 and 58 respectively. Given how much more physically demanding Craig has made the role, I would be surprised if he were able to keep his British end up for that long.

[via The People]