Daniel Craig to star in Rian Johnson-directed murder mystery Knives Out


It looks like Daniel Craig and Rian Johnson are trying to squeeze in an original movie project before getting back to James Bond and Star Wars, respectively—Deadline reports that the two are teaming up for a murder mystery film called Knives Out.

Inspired by the works of Agatha Christie, Knives Out is a “modern day murder mystery in the classic whodunit style,” with Craig starring as a Poirot-like detective. Johnson is writing and directing the film, and co-producing with his longtime filmmaking partner Ram Bergman. Together, the duo has made BrickThe Brothers BloomLooper, and a little-known indie film called The Last Jedi.

Johnson and Bergman sought out Craig after Danny Boyle dropped out of directing the 25th Bond film, giving the duo an opportunity to work with the actor before they go off to make their original Star Wars trilogy—Johnson and Craig have met on a personal level, but this will mark their first collaboration. Johnson and Bergman will finance the film through a new yet-to-be-named company of their creation.

As a fan of all of Johnson’s movies, I’m eager to see him go back closer to his independent roots. I’m curious to learn about what tone the film will hold—on one end of the spectrum is the comedic and almost absurdist nature of The Brothers Bloom, and on the opposite end is the dead-serious hard-boiled world of Brick.

Johnson and Bergman will be shopping Knives Out to potential buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival. Production will begin in November, with the project to cast six to eight more stars around Craig.

Toronto Kicks Off With Hot Package: Daniel Craig Stars, Rian Johnson Directs & Scripts Murder Mystery ‘Knives Out’ [Deadline]