Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park are teaming up for a heist film


Amazon is unexpectedly producing a sequel to Always Be My Maybe that I didn’t know I wanted. In an announcement today, the company that asshole billionaire Jeff Bezos built revealed that it will be producing a heist film starring Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park. Set to feature a mostly Asian-American cast, the project is still unnamed but will be produced by Kim’s production company 3AD.

Young Il Kim, writer behind the Hillary Clinton bio-drama Rodham, is on board for script duties. The basic outline is that a group of high school friends will be reuniting after years apart to pull off some kind of heist. It is said to be a fun ensemble movie in the vein of the Ocean’s series.

Speaking to Deadline, Daniel Dae Kim said, “I think it has nods to Ocean’s 11, The Full Monty as well as Better Luck Tomorrow. It’s a story that kind of highlights community, friendship, unity in a very familiar genre that people I think will enjoy.” He said the idea came about as a collaboration between himself, Park, and John Cheng (head of 3AD).

“Randall and I have wanted to do something together for a while,” Kim went on. “This is just a great reason to bring together talented actors who have been friends for a really long time and really have fun on a project that, with any luck, will be able to make an impact.”

The idea might be a little generic, but I’m all for more Daniel Dae Kim. If he can channel some of that Johnny Gat energy into this project, we could call this the unofficial Saints Row film. It’s perfectly in line with what that series is all about, anyway.

Source: Deadline

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