Danny DeVito wants Twins 2 to be a thing


Most of the time you find news, you post it and it’s standard fare… Sometimes you have to dig for it, look hard and really sniff around… Other times, you just get lucky. This one interviewer from Movieweb went about it in completely the wrong way, but then somehow got the jackpot of all news stories. By watching the clip, you’ll notice Danny DeVito wander into view and then start to act like he’s on some kind of acid trip, claiming he can see into the future. Then, as if pulled from some kind of divine future ass, the interviewer holding the microphone asks “Do you see a Twins 2 in the future?” to which Danny DeVito says “Yeah, I see a Twins 2. I want to do a Twins 2.

Amazing… Dumb friggin’ luck, but the biggest scoop I’ve heard of in a while. Hopefully Arnold “gets out of the doghouse” while Danny’s on his current hot streak with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… Also, while we’re hoping here, let’s hope Ivan Reitman has no part in it, because that guy hasn’t directed a single funny thing since Ghostbusters II, which I’m sure we could all agree is directly attributed to Bill Murray, as are all things that are funny.

[Via /Film, Via MovieWeb]