Danny Elfman will score Justice League now


After Wonder Woman turned out to be so good I was kind of getting my hopes up that Justice League wouldn’t actually be a total mess, but things are getting shaken up too much for me not to be worried. Obviously Zack Snyder handing over post-production to Joss Whedon was a big deal, but now comes some more changes. Junkie XL has left the production and will be replaced by Danny Elfman. 

While dramatic changes are never a good thing, if it had to happen this might be for the best. Junkie XL is moving over to the new Tomb Radier movie, and Elfman is coming in to wrap up scoring. I’m actually a fan of Mr. XL’s work, but Elfman is a master at scores and wrote the frickin’ theme for the original Batman. The only other guy with more superhero cred is John Williams. Plus, this may mean that the studio is going for a far less dour tone to Justice League after the success of Wonder Woman. That would be amazing because I’m not sure I can stand a return to Snyder’s uber-angry DC universe. 

Then again, as I said, last hour replacements for a film that already seems to have had its fair share of issues is more of a bad sign than a good one. 

Matthew Razak
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