Daredevil reboot may be no more


Looks like we may never get that Ben Affleck taste out of our mouths, as it seems the potential Daredevil reboot may have met it’s maker. Director Joe Carnahan, who was helming the project,  tweeted “Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids.” He goes on to say that “Time is NOT on anyone’s side”, more than likely referencing the fact that if Fox doesn’t begin production on a Daredevil film by October, the rights could potentially revert back to Marvel.

It doesn’t seem realistic to think that the film could begin production so soon and turn out a quality piece of entertainment anyway, so I’d rather not see any Daredevil movie than another terrible one. The real question is, if the rights to return to Marvel are they going to do anything with them? They already have any number of films in various stages of production, so will they think Daredevil is worth rebooting, especially with their universe’s continuity finally coming together? No one can say for sure, but I sure wouldn’t mind if the character were given a serious chance on the big screen.

If this film does find a way to happen, how mind blowing would it be if Ben Affleck signed on to direct and redeemed himself for his past transgressions against the character? The universe would finally be at peace.

[via News-a-rama]