Dark Knight Rises photos reveal rebuilt Wayne Manor


More images from the England-based filming of The Dark Knight Rises have leaked, this time showing the rebuilt Wayne Manor (filmed at Nottingham’s Wollaton Hall) and a graveyard nearby, where Batman News, the site hosting the images, is speculating that the famous scene where Bruce Wayne goes to see his parents’ graves will take place.

If the Manor has been rebuilt after burning down in Batman Begins, it stands to reason that we’re also in with a good chance of seeing the fully-fledged Batcave, which was previously little more than a grotto under the manor foundations. Despite Dark Knight being the most popular of Nolan’s two Batmans to date, and this new movie’s use of its extended name, it seems as though Begins will be drawn upon far more heavily than its sequel for this last entry in the trilogy: in addition to the manor, we’re also going to see the return of a familiar villain.

Unfortunately, there’s over a year to wait until the movie’s release on July 20th 2012. Until then, satisfy yourself with an image of the graveyard after the jump, then head over to Batman News for the three remaining photos.

[via Batman News]