Dark Knight Rises set images hint at Lazarus Pits


Images have appeared from the Dark Knight Rises set in Jodhpur, India of a constructed pit covered in green tarpaulin that has set internet fingers typing furiously about the possible appearance of the Lazarus Pits in the movie.

If true, the presence of the Pits would strongly suggest the reappearance of a certain Ra’s Al Ghul, albeit his younger self. In comic book continuity, he discovers the Pits while searching for a way of curing a dying prince. Unfortunately, despite their exceptional restorative powers on the physical body, the Pits have the unfortunate side effect of driving insane anyone who uses them, resulting in the prince killing Ra’s Al Ghul’s wife and setting him up for the blame.

With Tom Hardy’s Bane set to appear in the film, there is speculation that his character’s mutation will be a result of using the Pits for his own ends, rather than a venom experiment in a Caribbean prison as in the comics. It certainly hints that Christopher Nolan might be embracing some of the more fantastical elements of the comic mythos. I can still just about see it fitting within the gritty Batman movie continuity he has created, but does it seem a step too far for everyone else? No flashbacks to Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin, I hope. Altogether now: “Hello… JASON!”

(Sorry about that. Two more images follow the jump)

[via Rumour Patrol and Movieweb, photographs by Mehul Golil at The Dark Knight Rises Commuity]