Dark Knight Rises shirts are $50, gaudy


Feel like dropping half a hundo to look like a created skater in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland? Warner Bros. has unveiled a showcase of official Dark Knight Rises wear, featuring one shirt that looks like it’s from a comic book and about thirty that are supposed to be street art.

And they’re $48 apiece, because punk rock.

The graffiti aesthetic is strong, with Bane’s face and the Batman logo stenciled, and Catwoman’s mug slurred with the relatively tame label of “Social Climber.” I guess Gotham’s vandals are particularly concerned with passive aggressive shots at the societal status of local villainesses.

Also on display was Bane’s weird face thing, which is bright blue, likely prematurely repurposed as Sub-Zero’s mask in the Mortal Kombat reboot.

Exit through the gift shop here if you find this Baneksy style really works for you and you’ve more dollars than cents.

[via Collider]